About Debco

DEBCO is a new digital asset that connects Dark Eden M on WEMIX and the real world!


War over blood scripture

The war between slayers and vampires over the Blood Scripture has turned the Republic of Eslania into a huge battlefield.
When the seal of the Blood Scripture is lifted and Dark Eden gets opened,
the vampire race will regain its mighty power and mankind will face a path of destruction as blood slaves of vampires.
The vampire must collect the Blood Scripture Fragment to open the way to the race’s paradise, Dark Eden.
As the savior of mankind, the Slayer must destroy the Blood Scripture and exterminate the vampires.
Lilith or maybe E.V.E? From the source of the blood flowing through you, face your path!

Currently, 60% of Eslania are affected by a unique group of primates known as vampires who tend to consume blood. They get their energy mostly by consuming human blood, so a third of the country’s population has been slaughtered. Even worse, some victims of vampire attacks undergo physiological changes very similar to vampires, and they tend to crave human flesh and blood. Vampires are human enemies and must be eliminated.
We have authorized an all-out counter-attack to defend human dignity. From now on, please fulfill your mission as a slayer, not belonging to an existing unit.

Humans call us evil and call themselves good. But we are just above humans in the food chain and need human blood to survive. It is an unchanging truth that we too must survive. Simple guns and blades cannot harm us, but there are those who have the specific power to kill us. We call them Slayer. Somewhere in the land of Eslania, there is an ancient artifact that gives us great power which is the Blood Scripture. The amazing power of this artifact allows us to be active in the middle of the day. However, this does not mean immortality. Dear young vampires, if we do not want to surrender to humans and face eternal death, you’d better act wisely, remembering that our powers will not be fully exercised until we find the Blood Scripture.

He is good at chasing down enemies, and he applies various energy to his weapon to deliver powerful blows.

Weapon: Sword | Combat Type: Melee Attack

She uses a gun for a ranged attack. It inflicts a fatal attack on the enemy from afar.

Weapons: Guns | Combat Type: Ranged Attack

With the power of God, he brings judgment on enemies and blessings on allies at the same time.

Weapon: Mace | Combat Type: Melee Attack

She attacks enemies and protects herself with various chain effects by Nanobots.

Weapon: Bow | Combat Type: Ranged Attack

They inflict a powerful blow to the enemy based on high stamina and mighty power.

Weapon: Claw | Combat Type: Melee Attack

They attack enemies by activating various ranges and debuff.

Weapon: Scepter | Combat Type: Ranged Attack

They relentlessly pursue and raid prey, and ravage the enemy with techniques of various effects.

Weapon: Scythe | Combat Type: Melee Attack

They summon the bizarre creatures to attack the enemy with all kinds of plagues.

Weapon: Pendulum | Combat Type: Ranged Attack




An ex-soldier rookie Slayer, the unwise young vampire
You are too weak and pitiful to shoulder the mission of your race.
Let go of arrogance and focus on growth just to survive.
Get rewards and grow your character through tons of content and challenging tasks prepared.

| Field | Quest | Achievements | Dungeon | Battle | Boss |


A huge ordeal is waiting for a skilled warrior who crosses a life-or-death crisis
Upgrade your gear and boost your combat power before you complete the mission that puts the fate of your race on the line.

| Craft | Modify | Upgrade | Dismantle | Gem | Change Options |


Gather your personal beliefs to create a guild and prepare for a clash with other forces.
For the prosperity of the guild, we must challenge ourselves to make a new history without being swallowed up by the flow of war.
The mystical land of Temeria Sanctuary has a history of numerous battles fought between different forces over ancient relics.
To commemorate the sacrifices and achievements of the heroes, collect the ‘Class Medal’ left by ancient heroes and exchange them for ‘DEBCO’ to be used for military funds.
Guilds that occupy the land of Temeria Sanctuary will receive a portion of the 'Class Medal’ that can be collected as tax in recognition of their ownership of the land.

| The Conquest of Temeria Sanctuary | Hell Garden |

Race War

The final battle that determines the fate of each race is finally unfolding before us.
Slayer vs Vampire, who can take the lead in the world? The distinction between server and guild is meaningless in front of the demands of the conqueror the times ask.
It is time for you, who are already prepared, to face the fate of your race in a war on an overwhelming scale.
Now there's no reason to leave any slack. Join the warfare over the Blood Scripture and spit to the last breath, howl, run and tear!

| Bible War |